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        SIMONE (SIMulations Of Nuclear Experiments)


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About the project

Programming framework SIMONE (SIMulations Of Nuclear Experiments) is being developed in collaboration of FLNR JINR and iThemba LABS. Based on ROOT Data Analysis Framework and using Geant4 toolkit, it indents to be a tool of great help and convenience for nuclear physicists planning experiments and analysing resulting data. It main goal is to provide a simple, but powerful system that allows to perform procedures like reaction Monte Carlo calculations, defining virtual detectors geometry, particle tracking through experimental setup, calibration of detectors, beam diagnostics, and others, which will provide data in a same format as from real experiments. After this results from either experiment or simulations can be processed in an identical way. System of object-oriented libraries that are developed is intented to be easy to use, efficient, flexible and well documented. SIMONE framework delivers not only programmers tools, but also user-friendly applications with graphical interface build with use of these tools. This approach meets the needs of physicists that have strong programming skills as well as those who are interested only in quick obtaining necessary results. Significant time reduction is expected in the early period of experimental planning and data analysis.