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        SIMONE (SIMulations Of Nuclear Experiments)


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  • Presented

    • [1] Sharov P.G. et al., SIMONE. Package, based on ROOT, for simulations and analysis of experimental data. Poster session of 36th meeting, PAC for Nuclear Physics, Dubna, 21-22 of June, 2012.

      [2] Jaluvkova P. et. al., Разработка програмного обеспечения для экспериментов с легкими экзотическими ядрами,
      Шестнадцатая научная конференция молодых учёных и специалистов ОИЯИ, г. Дубна, 6 – 11 февраля 2012 г.

      [3] Chudoba V. et al., SIMONE: Tool for data analysis and simulation, The third edition of ANIMMA conference, will take place 23-27 June 2013 at Marseille, France.