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Subject of modern nuclear physics

Periodic table of elements defines the realm of atomic phenomena

The systematic behavior of chemical elements properties is connected with the systematics of the quantum-mechanical
electron shells in the Coulomb field of atomic nucleus.

In analogy the systematic of nuclear properties is connected with systematics of quantum-mechanical shells
for nucleons moving in the nucleus mean field. The mapping of nuclear properties should
now be two dimensional as there are two sorts of nucleons: neutrons and protons


Nuclei far from stability

  • Symmetry energy of the nuclear matter. Nuclear matter “wants” to be symmetric.
  • Beta-stability and nuclear stability
  • Beta-stability valley and nuclear drip lines stability
  • Island of stability, super-heavies
  • Gamma decays and isomeric phenomenon
  • Total 256 stable isotopes
  • Total 339 “natural”
  • About 3100 nuclear stable isotopes
  • 2000-3000 isotopes to be found


Radioactive ion beam research

  • Major methods: ISOL and in-flight
  • Modern RIB facilities
  • Concept of in-flight RIBs formation
  • How to study RIBs
  • Scientific objectives of ACCULINNA fragment separator


Major RIB facilities

Comparison of modern RIB facilities under construction in the scale

  • Project DRIBs Physics research programme with radioactive nuclear beams
  • DRIBs "DRIBs": The Dubna Project for Radioactive Ion Beams