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::Special topics::



1) launch by command "eclipse-cdt"
2) choose workspace directory
3) File->New->Project
a) SVN->Checkout Projects from SVN (Next)

b) Either Use existing repository location (where available) or Create a new repository location (Next)

c) Set url (Next)

d) Enter your SVN username and password; you can ask Pavlina for to create a SVN user or to change your password (Next)
e) Choose directory consisting makefile, typically you will need directory "trunk", other directories are explained below (Next)

f) - Check out as a project in the workspace

- Set project name (should be unique in workspace)

- Choose number of revision to be checked out (HEAD revision means the newest one)
- Other options I let untouched because I do not know what do they mean; I am looking forward to your explanation
g) Select your desired workspace location (Finish)

5) Build project

6) set location of ROOT includes and libraries:
-File->Properties->C/C++ General->Paths and Symbols
a) Includes: GNU C++->Add->File System and choose your ROOT includes directory
- check path using root-config --incdir command in terminal (e.g. exolina: /usr/local/lib64/root/5.30/include)
- you probably noticed that this path has been already there; this kind of magic helps to disappear many errors which are shown by eclipse and which not affect success of build
b) Library paths: Add->File System and choose your ROOT lib directory
- check path using root-config --libdir command in terminal (e.g. exolina: /usr/local/lib64/root/5.30/lib)
- it is very probable that this step could be omitted
-press OK, optionally rebuild project

- functions associated with SVN are available in Right click on you project->Team
- to manage svn repositories: Window->Show View->Other; SVN->SVN Repositories
- our basic work cycle should consists of six steps (adopted from http://svnbook.red-bean.com/):
1) Update your working copy.
2) Make your changes.
3) Review your changes.
4) Fix your mistakes.
5) Resolve any conflicts (merge others' changes).
6) Publish (commit) your changes.
Find more detailed information in book "Version Control with Subversion" (svn redbook), pg. 19

only non-automatically generated files should be versioned, i.e. do not send to svn repository files
folder htmldoc,
files connected with your eclipse workspace,

some hints:

disable automatic building for project: uncheck Project->Build Automatically
disable automatic building for workspace: Window->Preferences; General->Workspace; uncheck Build Automatically

eclipse-cdt documentation:


svn redbook: